Ruby Empress at Basement Bash – stripping off for diversity

Ruby Empress performs at Basement BashFor their 6th edition, Basement Bash took over Marie Antoinette last Friday for their opening season welcoming three indie-pop bands. Headliners Ruby Empress really shook the crowd all night long and made people dance, along with support acts Montag Mania and Daremo.

The Basement Bash team really upped their game for this volume, making us want more of these musical diamonds that they keep digging up.

Ruby Empress at Basement Bash

A new-wave indie rock band with a funky twist

Basement Bash is a series of monthly showcases aiming to build a platform that will host a mixture of up-and-coming talents with established bands that all of us should be looking out for. For this 6th volume, the night started with Daremo, a new-wave indie rock band with a funky twist. They released their first EP last month, a solid first release, and we are sure that you will hear them rocking out on German radio before long.

Catchy hooks, amazing vocals, and the ethereal beauty of lead singer, Tom Serner

Montag Mania, a dreamy pop duo, followed up with their unique psychedelic rock mixed with utopian political lyrics, transporting the crowd to another, trippy world. Along with quirky dance moves and beautiful lights, the whole performance felt higher than the average high and a real delight for hearts and souls.

Ruby Empress at Basement BashThe cherry on top was Scandi-electro-psyche-disco wonder Ruby Empress. Catchy hooks, amazing vocals, and the ethereal beauty of lead singer, Tom Serner (honestly the prettiest person in the room) all culminated in a performance we’re going to relive over and over again. The powerful performance reached a peak when Serner took off his velvet shirt, unveiling the word “diversity” spray-painted on his very prominent pecs.

Even though Ruby Empress’ music doesn’t have a specific political aspect, it was pretty clear that they still use their image and platform to convey a message of gender-bending, equality and diversity.

Ruby Empress definitely blew us away, and as they’ve been announced as one of 50 first acts at The Great Escape 2018, we encourage you to take note of these glam-rockers – this is not the last you’ll hear of them.