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The Weird Kids on the Block: indieBerlin Interview with The Delorean Rocket Experience

Ever wondered what it would sound like if Jonathan Richman and Thurston Moore moved to Hawaii and opened a tiki bar? Listen to The DeLorean Rocket Experience and find out. indieBerlin: How did you come up with the name The DeLorean Rocket Experience? The DeLorean Rocket Experience: We were hanging out in Martin’s apartment and we […]

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indieBerlin interview with The Graves – Glitter and Punk Vibes poured into your cereal

The Graves will be headlining the next Basement Bash at Marie-Antoinette on April 13th. For this occasion, we talked about their emergence from the wicked underbelly of Berlin’s rock & roll scene. They have been making waves since they stepped on the Berlin scene in 2016. These gender-bending, glam punk rockers provide high power performances […]

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Magnea: Cinematic and sensual waves from the land of ice and snow.

Cool, compelling and mysterious, Magnea is a riveting entry into the new-wave, alternative pop scene. After honing her craft in Iceland, German native Liina Magnea wows Berlin in the February edition of Basement Bash. indieBerlin: Tell us a little bit about your musical background Magnea: I’m born and raised in Berlin and started making music with my […]

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Highlights from Basement Bash VIII: The Bowdashes will rip out your heart.

Describing their sound as “Cyber Western/Dark Folk Wave”, Copenhagen duo The Bowdashes sound like the constantly pissed off daughters of David Lynch and Patti Smith. The Bowdashes performed phenomenally at the January Basement Bash, so we had a little chat about their music. Having opened for Garbage in 2016 and fresh off tour with Danish […]

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indieBerlin talked about music and poetry with Substereo, headliners of January’s Basement Bash

About the band’s performances, Morgan Freeman, pirate adventures, veterans, Berlin-Copenhagen comparison and “the magical golden half-banana”! Substereo headlined Basement Bash at Marie-Antoinette on January 19th. Here is what they shared with indieBerlin. indieBerlin: How did you get together as a band? Chris Walker: Substereo is a bit special in the way it is built up. The […]

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