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The Idea

Basement Bash is a monthly concert series
supporting musicians in Berlin. Upandcoming
or underground, it doesn't
matter. What matters is the music. The
goal is to create an opportunity for
emerging artists to perform to our diverse
audience, in order to widen their reach
and increase their fan base. It is a platform
created to develop and strengthen the
careers of musicians.

The Concept

The main concept is a concert of 3 to 4
bands. Each concert is based on a specific
genre. The bands always complement each
other in the style of music.
Our main goal is to promote the artists and
create the best atmosphere for them to
thrive in. We take care of everything
before, during and after each concert.

The Gallery

Previous Editions

The Team

Booking & Production Management

Anna Dungal

Chloe Astruc

Project Management & Booking